Wisconsin Central - A Pentrex Classic Presentation DVD
By Pentrex

Wisconsin Central - A Pentrex Classic Presentation DVD
1 Hour 30 Mins


Product Description

The Wisconsin Central. From the pages of history an old railroad name is resurrected. The Wisconsin Central is one of the new regional railroads and it comes to life on your TV screen as we explore its operations. Tour the system with Pentrex and view many of the scenic areas of the upper Midwest.

We follow trains across the railroad's network of track to discover just where they go. You'll see plenty of mainline action as the railroad's fleet of diesels move train after train. A long freight nearly stalls on Byron Hill as one of its three engines fails. The engineer skillfully keeps the train moving and makes the grade. The rare SDL-39's are featured on many runs, and we chase a train powered by two of these curious engines across the upper peninsular of Michigan.

1 Hour, 30 minutes
Beautiful Sound and Narration