Union Pacifics Marysville Sub
By MoKan Video Productions

Union Pacifics Marysville Sub
1 Hour 59 Mins


Product Description

We visit Union Pacific's busy Marysville Subdivision in 1996, just one year after the UP officially merged the Chicago Northwestern into the UP system, and the Union Pacific is having a motive power shortage. We'll see a lot of CNW green and yellow along with leased units.This sub stretches 287 miles from Kansas City, Missouri to Gibbon Jct, Nebraska. It is an important funnel from UP's Council Bluffs Sub the railroad hub of Kansas City and UP's southern and southwest markets. This informative program is narrated and many locations and trains are marked with on-screen captions.This program was shot using professional equipment of the time, but is not up to the clarity of today's high-definition video. It is however an excellent snapshot of an important time in the nation's railroad history.