Those Incredible Alcos 3 Disc DVD Set Volume 1-3
By Pentrex

Those Incredible Alcos 3 Disc DVD Set Volume 1-3

Product Description

Diesel Dinosaur Delights - The Early Years

To an Alcophile, there's nothing sweeter than the wheezing, whistling, barking sound produced by a smoke-belching, burbling Alco diesel. Simply sighting them is cause for elation among the throngs of enthusiasts who seek them out. In this three-volume series we set out to document an example of every Alco model remaining in operation, a journey which takes us throughout North America.

Volume 1 covers the early years of the Alco diesel. Locomotive models are presented in chronological order by their first production dates. Switcher models that are powered with the Model 539 prime mover such as the HH660, S-1, S-2, S-3, and S-4 are shown in operation, along with RS-1 and RSD-1 roadswitchers. You'll follow Alco's progress with the introduction of the Model 244 engine in both freight and passenger diesels. Mode RS-2, RSC-2, RS-3, and RSD-5 units are viewed working for various shortlines, museums, and industrial users. Exhilarating scenes show the last two operating Alco PAs pulling passenger trains in Mexico. Volume 1 concludes just before the release of the Model 251 engine. Join us in this quest for "diesel dinosaurs" as we seek out Those Incredible Alcos!

Notch-Nosed Wonders - Early 251 Production

To an Alcophile, there's nothing sweeter than the wheezing, barking sounds produced by a smoke-belching Alco diesel. In this three-volume series, Pentrex sets out to document an example of every Alco model remaining in operation, exploring the qualities that make these remarkable locomotives so attractive to their fans.

Volume 2 covers the early 251-powered Alcos. Searching North America for surviving examples of models introduced between 1955 and 1962, these "notch-nosed wonders" are chronicled from their beginnings to the introduction of the Century line. Alco models S-6, RS-11, RSD-12, RSD-15, T-6, RS-27, RS-32, and RS-36 diesels are viewed in operation, as well as Montreal Locomotive Works RS-18, RSC-14, FPA-4, S-13, and RS-23 units.

Join us for thrilling action as burbling diesels spew clouds of black smoke and produce that tantalizing Alco sound. You'll ride in four different locomotive cabs including our favorite, the rare RS-27. Informative production statistics and spotting features are shown for each model. "Mr. Alco" George Hockaday shares his experience and clears up some often misunderstood facts about Alco and its diesels. Those Incredible Alcos put on an amazing show!

Sleek Century Behemoths - Late 251 Production & Beyond

In the third of Pentrex's three-volume series about the incredible Alco diesel, the Century models show their muscle. These 251-powered locomotives were the last group produced by Alco before operations ceased in 1969. Montreal Locomotive Works continued to build these Alco-designed diesels until selling to Bombardier, which carried the torch until 1988. The progression of models built by these three companies is followed in chronological order to bring our series to a close.

The search for sleek Century behemoths took us throughout North America. Surviving Alco C415, C420, C424, C425, C430, C628, C630, and C636 locomotives are viewed on main lines, shortlines, and industrial operations. MLW's RS37, C630M, M630, M636, M420, M420B, M420R, M420TR, and M420TR2 diesels lug, chug, and put on fantastic shows in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Bombardier LRC, M424, and HR616 units bring the series to an end.

Our show concludes with a narrow-gauge DL535E diesel working in California's Imperial Valley. Isolation makes it a rare catch for all but the most hardy Alcophile. You'll see the unit hauling cars of raw material across 27 miles of desert. The newest 251-powered diesel in the U.S. is a fitting end to our celebration of the enduring Alco diesel