The Milwaukees Mighty Electrics DVD WB Joes Box Cabs
By WB Video Productions

The Milwaukees Mighty Electrics DVD WB Joes Box Cabs
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40 Mins


Product Description

Today, only an abandoned right-of-way extends across the grassy hills and through the pine forests of Montana and Washington State. This was the domain of the mighty Milwaukee Electrics. Fortunately, Doug Jones of Milwaukee visited this land in 1965 and 1968, and with 16mm camera in hand, documented this unique bit of American railroad history. See the "Joes" in action over Pipestone Pass and "Box Cabs" crossing the Columbia River. A steeple cab switches the South Butte Yard. The distinctive sound of this rugged and powerful form of motive power on the Hi-Fi soundtrack of this DVD was originally recorded by Don L Hunter of Eugene, Oregon. The story of these engines is told by railfan-actor-announcer Rege Cordic. Approximately 40 minutes, plus previews. Photographs. Cover Dick Wallin. Back Bob Witt. © 1988 WB Video Productions. All Rights Reserved