Kindigs Diesels UP BN DRGW in the 70s DVD
By WB Video Productions

Kindigs Diesels UP BN DRGW in the 70s DVD
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35 Mins


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Richard H. Kindig is famous for his steam era photographs but in 1971 he began taking 16 mm color movies of diesel powered trains. This video features films from 1971 and 1972. Union Pacific includes E8, F9, GP9, GP30, SD40, SD45, "Centennials", DD35, U50C. Filmed Cheyenne to Green River, Wyoming. Also see steamer "8444" on excursions. Burlington Northern Trains north of Denver and switching in Denver. Amtrak Burlington stainless steel E units and U.P. E units on trains with cars from U.P., S.P., N.P., G.N., B.N., and C.Z. Denver & Rio Grande Western Freights west of Denver and F units on RGZ. Narrated by Rege Cordic. Dubbed sound. Approximately 35 minutes plus previews. Jacket Photography by Richard H. Kindig