Hardworking Steam on Steep Grades Volume 1 DVD
By Main Line Motion Pictures

Hardworking Steam on Steep Grades Volume 1 DVD
1 Hour 30 Mins



Product Description

The 1980s and 90s saw a golden age of steam revival. Nearly every major railroad, and many smaller ones, rostered, a steam locomotive, or an entire steam program. A steam fan wanting to photograph, film or ride behind big steam had a menu of offerings each summer.

For the railroads, it was publicity even the best PR department couldn’t buy as huge crowds came out to see the big machines.

This show is a compilation of footage previously seen in other Main Line Motion Picture programs, plus new footage that cuts straight to the heart of the action, these mighty machines, pulling hard hitting the steepest grades of the east and west.

You’ll see tall plumes of steam and smoke and hear stack talk like you’ve rarely heard before as you watch "Hardworking Steam on Steep Grades Volume 1".