Frisco 1522 DVD
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Frisco 1522 DVD
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The 1994 Peach Blossom Special -
Recapture the joy of steam railroading over the Ozarks! In 1994, Frisco 1522 lead the Peach Blossom Special to the NRHS National Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. Traveling from St. Louis, Missouri to Birmingham, Alabama, the powerful 4-8-2 ran on its home rails for the first time in almost 50 years and Pentrex was on hand to capture this historic event in all its glory.

The 1522 ran flawlessly during its three-day trip along the route of the former Frisco Railroad. You'll see it up close and personal when we take you for a ride in the cab. The Mountain-type steam engine, know for its classic looks and loud “bark,” pulled its 18-car train unassisted over the Ozarks' steep grades. This included Dixon Hill, the longest and most difficult run of the steam-era Frisco Line. The powerful locomotive, with its train of gorgeous Norfolk Southern Tuscan red passenger cars, was a thrilling sight running across the delta straightaways at full track speeds of up to 60 MPH. Enthusiastic spectators eagerly welcomed the 1522 to Birmingham as it completed its momentous journey. You, too, can enjoy the 1522 at its best in Pentrex's exciting production of Frisco 1522.

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1 Hour
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