Conrail SD80MACs on the Boston Line DVD
By Broken Knuckle Video Productions

Conrail SD80MACs on the Boston Line DVD
1 Hour 30 Mins


Product Description

EMD's unique AC-Traction locomotive that fell in an unusual position between the more common SD70MAC's and SD90MAC's. Only 30 of them were built and all became the property of Conrail. The 5000 horsepower brutes could be found across the Conrail system, they were most at home on the many freights on the Boston line. Fans from across the nation visited the Boston Line just to see them! Upon the acquisition of Conrail by CSX in 1999, the MAC's started to disappear as they were relocated to the line's coal territory. BKVP is proud to bring you this program covering the "Big MAC's" in eastern New York, the Berkshires, Palmer, Charlton, Spencer and more!