BNSF A Time of Change Vol 3
By WB Video Productions

BNSF A Time of Change Vol 3
SKU: WB046
58 Mins


Product Description

In this series of programs, we have seen the variety of power, paint schemes and road names that have resulted from the merger of two great railroads. We have seen the Burlington Northern Green, Santa Fe Red and Silver Warbonnets, Santa Fe Blue and Yellow units, and of course, the new BNSF Orange and Green Heritage units. This unique time period on the BNSF is captured against a beautiful backdrop of the Santa Fe's old historic southwestern mainline.

In this final episode we return to Arizona's spectacular Crozier Canyon then cross over the rushing waters of the Colorado River at Topock into California. At Needles we watch the fascinating story of BNSF trains arriving, changing crews and departing. Next we push further westward into the lonely Mojave desert to outposts such as Ibis, Goffs. Danby, Cadiz and Ash Hill.

With carefully chosen locations and beautiful photography, WB Video takes you on a fantastic journey along the tracks of one of Americas' most scenic and historic rail lines. Narration by Tom Jensen. 58 minutes. Jacket photography by Al Chione. Copyright 2001 WB Video Productions