BNSF A Time of Change Vol 2
By WB Video Productions

BNSF A Time of Change Vol 2
SKU: WB045
58 Mins


Product Description

Our Westward trek along the BNSF's Arizona mainline continues as we arrive at Pica, Arizona. You are there as BNSF trains roar by the old pumphouse and water tanks, relics from the days of steam. We find the elusive Nelson Tunnel...the only tunnel on the BNSF mainline in Arizona. Action at both portals are covered. You'll explore the wonders of Crozier Canyon with spectacular runbys at locations accessible only by an SUV and others just off Old Route 66. Featured: The new BNSF Orange and Green Premium Heritage paint scheme. Burlington Northern Green, Santa Fe's blue and Yellow units along with the Red and Silver Warbonnets. This colorful parade of trains is beautifully photographed against a backdrop of the BNSF's scenic and historic western Arizona mainline. Narration by Tom Jensen. 58 minutes. Jacket photography by Al Chione. Copyright 2000 WB Video Productions