Assault on Snow DVD
By WB Video Productions

Assault on Snow DVD
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1 Hour 2 Mins


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FEBRUARY 1988 - Heavy snow sweeps across the mountains and plains of Wyoming and Colorado.

Suddenly, both branches of a new shortline, the Wyoming & Colorado are snowbound. The line consists of two ex-Union Pacific branch lines, the 92 mile Coalmont Branch from Laramie to Walden, Colorado, and the 24 mile Encampment Branch off the UP mainline near Rawlins to Saratoga.

On February 17, three FP7's off the Alaska Railroad and provided by Mountain Diesel Transportation, had set out to clear the Encampment Branch when they became stuck in a massive. snowdrift. Dave Gross was there to record the struggle to free the units and the spectacular "punch and back out" plowing by the F units.

Snow is falling on the morning of March 7 as the rarely used Union Pacific Rotary 900080 leaves Laramie to clear the snowbound Coalmont Branch. Shooting under difficult conditions Dave again captures the glorious show put on by the Rotary.

Narrated by Rege Cordic, this classic story of Winter Railroading is yours to relive again and again in high quality video and live sound. 62 minutes.

Photograph: Dave Gross

Copyright 1988 WB Video Productions