Allegheny Rails Vol 2 The Western Maryland
By WB Video Productions

Allegheny Rails Vol 2 The Western Maryland
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52 Mins


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Steam Action in the Alleghenys continues with the second program featuring the William P. Price 8mm Film Collection.

ALLEGHENY RAILS VOLUME 1 featured the Baltimore & Ohio and now we head for the Western Maryland's mainline to Connellsville and the Elkins Subdivision. We'll watch WM trains on the Salisbury Viaduct, at Big Savage Tunnel, on Helmsletters Curve, on Black Fork Grade and more! Steamers include the Decapod 2-10-0, Challenger 4-6-6-4, H-9 2-8-0, Pacific 4-6-2 and the Potomac 4-8-4. First generation F-7's and Alco RS-24 diesels herald the end of steam. Historical documentation is provided by Bill Price and Harry Stegmaier, Jr. The narration is by Rege Cordic. Presented with a musical background.

Bill Price is well know for his steam-era photography and his photographs have appeared in many publications. Now, Bill's fantastic 8mm color movies are available on DVD for all to enjoy! 52 minutes.

Photograph by Bill Price © 1987 WB Video Productions. All Rights Reserved.