A Cab Ride Over Donner Pass 2-Disc Set 4 Hours
By Donner Rails

A Cab Ride Over Donner Pass 2-Disc Set 4 Hours
4 Hours

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A Cab Ride Over Donner Pass - California's Sierra Nevada Mountain range is legendary for its rich history of gold discovery, pioneers and settlers. It remains a rugged and challenging landscape where railroading has survived fierce winter storms for nearly one hundred and fifty years.

Get ready as we climb aboard the an EMD SD60 hauling an expedited MRVRO freight manifest heading East from Roseville Yard to Sparks, Nevada. Just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Heading up the 2.5%+ grades of the Sierras, three separate cameras are used to produce this 240 minute rail action exclusive. Two cameras strategically placed on the lead unit #6356, bring you Donner Rail's exclusive Live Train Cam experience. Number one camera mounted on the front porch captures all the forward action as our train rolls East.

Number 2 camera aimed down the long hood of our lead unit at 2nd and 3rd units, gives you all the live diesel action while an on-board roaming camera captures all the hard-to-imagine beauty of the Overland Route through the Sierras. Enjoy these panoramic vistas with full stereo sound! Listen and feel the deep throaty sounds of diesel engines, traction motors, and dynamic brakes working hard up and down steep grades. Hear the clickity-clack of rail joints and the squeal of steel wheels moving through every curve. Watch for on-screen titles that give you information on mileposts, and all the steep grade locations, track speeds, towns and train stops, track crossovers, historical sites and more.

All footage produced with broadcast-quality cameras and editing equipment. "Cab Ride" footage was shot with serious rail fans and model railroaders in mind for dramatic views of Donner's scenery, terrain and historical sites. This DVD gives you Four Solid Hours of Live Rail Action!

Located in historic Roseville, California, Donner Rails videos are produced by professional railroad story writers and videographers collaborating to bring you the real deal. Hot action gives viewers with the best seat in the house as we journey by rail, both steam and diesel, over the Sierra Nevadas!