611 Returns to Steam
By Highball Productions

611 Returns to Steam
1 Hour 2 Mins


Product Description

After a year rebuilding, and 20 years as a static museum display, N&W 611 stormed back into steam, and the public's mind, in 2015. Crowds turned out to watch the J Class 4-8-4 as she took up the Queen of Steam mantle once again. Built by the N&W in Roanoke, the J Class was destined for greatness.

In this program, we'll see 611 and several of her sisters in 1950s historical footage. We'll see 611 pulling the Powhatan Arrow. We'll see her on her side and look at the wreck that probably saved her for later generation to marvel at and ride behind. And we'll see 611 on excursion duty in 2015. This is a look at 70 years of N&W 611 history.

This program is licensed by the Virginia Museum of Transportation, owner of the 611. A portion of sales will be paid as a royalty to VMT and will go directly into the 611 Endowment Fund.


Run time: 1 hour, 2 minutes. Copyright 2015 by Highball Productions. Cover photo by Ron Loving.